6 years of experience

About Tal Thompson

I am a fitness trainer (Action/ACE/Senior Fitness/InfoFit/Cancer Patient Training) specializing in exercise prescription and training. I work with Male clients 50+ exclusively. I have a very professional approach to fitness programs.I have been in the fitness industry for many years and continue to grow and expand my knowledge

Awards and Recognition;
Masters Physique - Knight of Champions 2017
Masters Physique - Northern Classic 2016
Masters Physique - Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2014

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)

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My goal with every person I work with is not only to help them achieve their fitness goals but to also help them develop the same passion for exercise and wellness that I have. Age is irrelevant.

Working with a me will be the safest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, reduce stress or increase your strength and flexibility, I can help.

Together we will  carefully analyze your personal goals, exercise history and fitness assessments.  I will then design an exercise program that is safe, effective and specifically tailored to your needs that you can follow online.

I also give you the option of adding a meal plan at no extra charge. It is very important to correctly fuel the body to maximize your gains.

I exclusively work with male clients  age 50+ You train with me in your home or condo gym (if strata allows)







  • You have a set paid appointment. I will be there waiting for you.
  • I only care about you and your success. Each hour you spend with me is an hour to focus on you and only you.
  • I will help you develop better form, improve your posture, and increase your strength.
  • I will teach you how to use equipment properly so that you do not injure yourself.
  • I will develop a program that is efficient and allows you to get the most in the shortest amount of time.
  • I will develop a program that is specific to you and your goals.
  • I will work diligently with each of my clients to help you achieve your goals.

Tal Thompson - Fitness Trainer


note: All pricing icludes the GST  


 Personal Training Plan in your home

(One-on-one training  at your home or condo gym.)


  • Free Consultation 
  • One-on-One Personal
    Training Sessions 
    60 minutes
  • Customized Training Plan via Trainerize App
  • $60 per session

 * I travel to you, if you are in a Multi-Family complex and wish to use the common area gym please consult with your stata to ensure compliance with strata regulations.